Behaviors We Believe In

Genesis 1:26 God gave man responsibility. You are responsible for your ultimate success or failure. Take the initiative and control your legacy.

Solve the Problem
Don’t wait for others to solve a problem. You should engage a problem with ideas for solving it. Once a problem is resolved, we should review it to determine its cause. Use the findings to improve our next product.

Customer First
Our most important product is customer service. Acknowledge and apologize for an error, even when it’s not our fault. Strive to always exceed the customer’s expectations. The customer is always right.

Continue to Learn
You should never feel as if you have nothing else to learn. The world is constantly changing, which provides the opportunity for endless learning.

Be a Team Player 
We must work together as a team. Not one individual could perform every job necessary for us to be successful. Our success stems from coordination between departments.

“Fail, Fast Forward”
Don’t allow fear of failure to keep you from trying something. Most people never pick up the phone to make the call. Because we are a sale’s organization, our success hinges on us understanding failure is part of the process. We will receive more Noes than Yeses.

Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”


• We should give back to the communities where we work; for without the communities, we would have no opportunity.

• Each part of the company reinforces the whole, which creates more strength than the sum of the individual parts.

• Don’t settle for the expected but strive for greater results. Don’t let society cut short your dreams. Challenge the norm.