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We publish; local direct mail community shoppers, fair guides, chamber and community magazines, hyper-focused magazines, a holiday cookbook and a monthly agriculture magazine. We start every print project with a focus on how the product will connect individual and businesses.

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Farmers' Exchange
Holiday Cookbook
Chamber and Community Magazines
Fair Guides
Hyper-Focused Magazines

"We are currently printing 20 applications every week and get no less than 10 back each week. That's not even counting the number of applications we get online. Today is Wednesday and we've already received 4 applications. Last week by Wednesday we'd gotten in 7! We are incredibly pleased with the results!
— -Taylor, HR, Long Term Care Home Health Company-serving Coffee, Franklin, Moore, & Bedord counties.
"A good, dependable source to find out what is lost, for sale, up for auction and who just died. Comming to a mailbox near you each Wednesday.”
— 2-12-14
I have two Ad's running right now. One for a 2004 Malibu classic for sale and One for a 2003 Mercury Sable for sale. I choose to run them for Three weeks and have paid for them to run each for three weeks. I need to cancel both AD'S. I have sold both of them with just the one AD that ran today 01-28-2015. Your paper works great.
— Gregory 1-29-15