Finding the Needle in the Haystack:

How a geospatial engineering company found the right applicants in an unusually large pool of potential employees.

Atlantic, a geospatial engineering company based in Huntsville, AL, is a rapidly growing business. They needed to not only solidify their brand, but also needed to fill positions on their team. Huntsville is an engineering city with lots of talent ready to work. Atlantic had hundreds and hundreds of applications across multiple platforms from Glassdoor to LinkedIn. As they invest their time and resources into vetting, reviewing applications, and interviewing, they found that their efforts were casting a wide net, which made filling these positions time-consuming and difficult. As time went on, they needed to refine their efforts to reach the right potential employees.

The Solution

Exchange Media Group worked to create a profile by interviewing recent successful employees at Atlantic to discover the trends, aspirations, and reasons these employees were the right fit. After our customer profile research efforts, we presented a profile of the desired employee, pulling together things as big as their personal dreams and goals to the fact that the group of recent successful employees were dog owners. Through finding the exact profile, Atlantic was able to use the profiles as a guide when promoting job postings.  

The Results

Atlantic has been able to find and fill their positions with efficiency in time and cost. As they move to new locations and open offices all across the nation, they’re able to find the right people to work in their growing organization.

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