Custom Publishing

Promote tourism or commerce in your community

We partner with local fair boards and chambers of commerce to create beautiful magazines that promote tourism and commerce. These community-focused publications feature local businesses as advertisers, and they are enjoyed by both local readers and visitors.

Chamber Magazines

Showcasing local businesses

Businesses both large and small have a powerful impact on our local economies. Many chambers of commerce strive to attract new business and empower existing businesses in their communities, and our magazines help them achieve this. These publications highlight the economic opportunities in a particular area while also promoting local businesses to readers.

  • Think Tullahoma
  • Celebrate Shelbyville
  • Fayetteville - LC Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau Magazine
  • Manchester Ultimate Resource Guide
  • McMinnville Warren County Community Magazine

Tourism Magazines

Sharing hot spots and hidden gems

Every community wants to put its best foot forward when it comes to welcoming visitors. Our tourism magazines are keepsake-quality publications that highlight local attractions, activities, and more. With eye-catching design and informative content, these magazines engage your visitors and connect them with community businesses.

  • Manchester Visitor's Guide
  • McMinnville Visitor's Guide
  • Franklin County Tourism Guide

Holiday Cookbook

Making connections from kitchen to kitchen

In 1985, we published our first Holiday Cookbook to connect local businesses with consumers during the busy holiday season. The Holiday Cookbook connects the community through the sharing of recipes — after all, biting into a warm slice of Mama Sallie’s Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Cobbler truly is one of the finer things in life. All the recipes in the cookbook are submitted by local cooks, giving us a glimpse into the kitchens of our communities.

  • 300+ local recipes
  • 84,000 cookbooks distributed annually
  • 312 advertisers made connections in 2020