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How to compare costs of different marketing channels?

The easiest way to compare is looking at the cost per thousand views (CPM). This gives you a way to compare traditional media to digital. With digital campaigns, you can also compare the click-through rate (CTR), conversions, and cost per click (CPC). If the audience...

What does cost per thousand mean?

In marketing, it means the cost for 1,000 views and is referred to as CPM. You should combine this metric with others when analyzing your campaigns and be sure the ad optimization is set the same across platforms. The lowest CPM is for campaigns set for views while...

What is the difference between value and price?

Customers need to perceive that they will gain more monetary value from an item than the price of the item itself. This is the same for when you buy advertising. The price is what you pay for the campaign, and the value is the total dollar amount the ad campaign...

Who owns TikTok?

TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company. It launched in 2018 from a combination of Musica.ly and Flipagram. TikTok is worth over $250 billion dollars based on recent private trades.

What is a lead magnet?

It is an offer or product promoted online to get a potential customer's information. Effective sites will offer you a valuable product in exchange for your email address. Think of a lead magnet as the digital equivalent to a loss leader in the physical retail world....

Can I advertise on Amazon or Walmart’s website?

Yes. Amazon, Google, and Facebook are estimated to have accounted for two-thirds of digital ad spending in 2020. Amazon has a powerful ad network for sellers. Walmart – while much smaller in volume – is working to scale their ad offerings.

How much should I spend on marketing?

The amount you spend on marketing should be a percentage of your sales. The larger your profit margin, the more money you can spend on marketing. The percentage varies widely depending on the industry. For example, auto dealerships can spend 1% to 2% of sales on...

What is a sticky bar?

A sticky bar is a form that is placed at the top or bottom of your browser window. The bar doesn’t move from its position when you scroll. It appears to be “stuck.” These types of forms are very effective at collecting email addresses from website users.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is saving internet content to a social bookmarking site. The content is grouped together in tagged list form. Content can be articles, videos, images, blog posts, and website pages. You can edit, annotate, and share your lists. Pinterest is the most...