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What is the best method of marketing B2B?

Direct mail is the best traditional marking method for B2B. We suggest starting with LinkedIn and Google Search ads for B2B digital marketing. LinkedIn gives you the ability to target ads at business types and business operators that would most likely buy your services.

What’s the best source for royalty-free images?

A royalty is a payment to the original photographer every time their photo is used. If an image is royalty-free, you only pay once to use the photo, or use the photo for free by giving credit. Paid royalty-free sites include Adobe Stock and iStock. Websites with...

What is the best keyword research tool?

The three most popular paid tools are ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush. We use SEMrush every day in our business. One tool we use often is SEMrush’s SEO Writing Assistant. It allows our writers to see an optimization score for their content. Google Ads’ Keyword Planner is a...

Is Facebook advertising worth it?

Facebook ads can deliver good results for your business when you use them correctly. The first step is clearly defining your audience and setting up retargeting ads. You can run retargeting ads on Facebook using the Facebook pixel. Facebook ad results are much easier...

How to analyze a competitor’s website for SEO?

Software like SEMRush or Moz will show you keyword rankings for your website and competitor sites. You can rank your website against your competitors from a keyword perspective. You can also type in Google Search site:(domain name) to see all pages indexed by Google...

How does Shopify attract traffic?

Shopify is ecommerce software. Retailers use Shopify to build their online stores because it saves them significant development costs. Shopify is the foundation for your website but doesn’t generate website traffic. You’ll generate organic traffic to your website from...

Can I make a high traffic website alone?

Yes, you can create a website that receives a lot of traffic. To accomplish this, you’ll need to find something that you are passionate about and be willing to write in-depth content about the subject. This content will help you appear as an authority on the subject...

How do I add a paywall to my website?

You can add a paywall to your WordPress site by using a plugin. If your website is written with custom code, you can build your own paywall, but we recommend using software like Chargebee to manage your paywall’s subscriptions. Before implementing your paywall, you’ll...