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What does B2B stand for?

B2B stands for a business that sells products and services to other businesses. This is the opposite of B2C, which is “business to consumer.” The most popular B2B social media platform is LinkedIn. It offers an ad platform similar to Facebook and Google.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a specific webpage customers land on when they click a link in an ad. The page’s design matches the messaging of your ads. The page's main goal is to get the visitor to take action. The action could be making a purchase or, at a minimum, offer...

How long should emails to my customers be?

Decide how email design best fits your brand; email length will depend on your audience. Huckberry, an e-commerce company, has built a successful business using emails with a lot of written content about their products, creating a loyal following for their brand....

What are some tips for social media design and posting?

You should keep three things in mind when running social media for your company.1) Planning - stay ahead by scheduling posts2) Design - stay on brand with consistent design and put in the effort for a polished look3) Interactive - Interact with your audience through...

Should I target a large audience in my marketing?

You can’t predict when someone will need your product. That is why consistent advertising is crucial for your marketing to work. Be consistent in both your messaging and your target audience. In the end, your budget will help guide how large your audience can be.

How to target my audience on Twitter?

Twitter ad targeting is very similar to the options you see with Facebook. You can target Twitter users based on demographics (location, age, gender etc), interests, or using your own data. Twitter is powerful because you can target your ads based on what users are...

How can I write effective content for blogs?

Start with answering all the questions your customers ask about your products. Be sure to give the positives and negatives. You want to be authentic with your content. Then, your website can work for you 24/7. If your blog doesn’t fully answer important questions,...

What is marketing automation?

Marketers use automation to trigger events to happen after a user clicks a link or signs up for an email campaign. For example, most marketers use automation for emails. The automation would send emails at a predetermined frequency to people who sign up. Automations...

What is a PPC campaign?

PPC stands for pay per click and falls under the search engine marketing (SEM) category. For example, Google search ads are PCP ads. In short, the advertiser only pays for the ad when a searcher clicks the link.

What is a firewall?

A firewall monitors web traffic on your network. It is normally built into your wifi router. The firewall software allows you to set rules that your network traffic must follow. Firewalls block traffic that doesn’t meet your rules.