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What is EDDM?

EDDM is a USPS direct mail product. Small businesses can use EDDM to mail 200 to 5,000 pieces. The product is only for “saturation mail.” This means you have to mail entire routes; you can’t select individual houses. The cost per piece for mailing is $.191 – that’s...

What are Events in Google Analytics?

Events measure how many times visitors on your website take an action (like clicking buttons). You define the Events you want to measure and can assign value to them. Visitors clicking play on a video or downloading a PDF are examples of an Event. If you are...

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console shows the words people typed in a Google search that brought them to your website. You can view technical information about the “health” of your website. The console has a tool that lets you ask Google to crawl your website. This means Google can...

Why do your visitors leave your website?

If you feel you have a high bounce rate or the average length of visit on your site is low, look hard at your content. Is the content in-depth and answering all the customers’ questions? Is your website designed to work well on mobile devices? In general, the more...

What is a Backlink Audit?

This is a report that shows all websites linking to your website. A link is when a website has your website address on their website. It is strongly believed that search engines use the number of links to your website as part of their ranking formulas. Keep in mind...

Are print ads worth it?

The answer is exactly the one that applies to any marketing medium - some are and some aren’t. Print ads offer a varying degree of return. The return is not just based on the quality of the publication but very dependent on the offer in your ad.

What is a soap opera email series?

It is a set series of emails that are sent to new subscribers of your email list. You create an entire series of emails you want to convey to your subscribers before you send them. Then, when someone is added to the subscriber list, they receive the series at the...

Which print products should I advertise in?

Each print product normally has a specific audience type. Ask the publication to give you readership information. Then, you can base your decision on data. The readership data also helps you understand what your ads messaging should look like in the publication.