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Why You’ll Love Working With Us

Among the team, we recently started describing the company as a 40-year-old start-up. It seems to encapsulate what we are doing here at EMG in a way that nothing else can. We were founded on the idea of making connections between small businesses and their clients in our community. That mission continues today, but with a much broader reach.

Today we’re making connections across Middle Tennessee, across North Alabama, and across the country. We’re obsessed (in the best way) with our clients’ successes, regardless of what city they’re in. We expect the best of ourselves and our teammates. We’re constantly innovating to provide better products and better services to our clients. We work together, and we each own our part of the process. If that sounds like you… we want you on our team.

Our Employees Make Us Great!

“I was apprehensive before applying for the position. I only had experience working in gift sales. I knew nothing about advertising. EMG put me through paid training and let me watch other sales reps. That was [over] 10 years ago! When a business tells me “working with you is a blessing,” I can’t help but smile every time.”

– Sandra Thomas

“When I first started working with Exchange Media Group, the extensive training was the most impressive part. It allows everyone on the team, no matter where we came from, to be the best we can be. As an employee, I love that our clients become our family. We’re local, so we can really make a connection with them.”

– Sissy Smith

“Coming from many years in the corporate world, it felt like everything was about business only–but there is more to it than that. Working at Exchange Media Group was a breath of fresh air. It showed me that business is really about people, the clients, and making their life better. We have a team of talented people who are client-obsessed and work toward excellence every day.”

– Clinton George

Our Principles

Over the past 40 years, we’ve built an environment for businesses and employees to grow. We use five core principles to guide us as a company.


Always focus on what will make the client’s life better. The client being happy comes before profit. We should make money from providing value to our clients. The client is always right, even if we disagree with them. Mentor clients on solutions to their situations rather than saying we can’t do something. Be a problem solver for our clients. Our clients should feel doing business with us is simple. We need to be obsessed with understanding what our clients’ customers need.

Respect Others

Every individual has experienced life through their own personal lens. Seek first to understand others before being understood. Always show empathy to others. Treat everyone the way they want to be treated. We were all created differently and uniquely. You’ll not always agree with team members on the best path forward. However, when we set a direction, we must work as a team.

Expect Excellence

Expect the highest standards from yourself every day. Hold your teammates accountable for the same discipline. Don’t cut corners with your work. We expect to be the best in the world at what we do. Don’t settle for average. Our products should make a difference in our clients’ lives. You should pay attention to every detail.

Take Ownership

You control your attitude, which controls your destiny. You are responsible for your success. Your success will come through hard work. Always maintain an attitude of gratitude. Focus on where you can make a difference. Be at peace with events outside your control. We accept mistakes will be made. Own them, learn, and move forward.

Continuously Improve

The world is always changing. You need to be continually learning. Strive each day to get better at your job. Go deep on subjects to fully understand them. Be open-minded to other ideas. Always be looking for opportunities to improve yourself and our products. Don’t be afraid to take chances on ideas. Most decisions are reversible. Follow processes and continually refine them. 1% improvement each day equals 37x annual improvement.

Benefits and Perks

All full-time employees are eligible for benefits after their first 90 days and/or upon their 1 year anniversary. A snapshot of some of our current benefits is outlined below.

Holiday and Vacation Time

After 90 days, you will get 7 paid holidays each year and a paid day off for your birthday!

Competitive PTO

You start with 15 days off and can get up to 25 days off a year after 5 years. PTO is accrued.


All full time employees are eligible for our medical insurance plan. We pay 60% of the monthly premium.

401(k) Retirement Plan

After your first year, we match 100% of your 3% contribution and 50% of your contribution up to 5%.

Savings Plan

You can save money every week and get 2.6% interest per annum. Maximum account balance of $5,000.

Paid Maternity Leave

We provide 8 weeks of paid maternity leave. Employees of 5+ years receive 12 weeks paid leave.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate. We do not like to change benefits or compensation structures, but Exchange Media Group does reserve the right to alter the benefits listed above.

More From Your Future Teammates

What is one thing you like most about your job?

  • Flexibility to work from home.
  • Creative freedom and the ability to create content. I get to be creative while also making a difference in the communities we serve.
  • I enjoy helping businesses reach their clients. We really help make connections.
  • I love working with our team — best creative team ever!
  • The relationships/friendships with clients and community
  • My primary goal as a salesperson is to land the sale. I’m in it because I believe the products I sell can improve people’s lives and make a positive difference in helping the companies/businesses be more successful. I love building relationships and meeting new people.

What is one thing you like most about working at EMG?

  • Working as a team to get projects done.
  • Everyone seems to be understanding and we make adjustments as needed.
  • I’ve been able to do a wide variety of things since starting here 2 years ago.
  • We all feel like family. Everyone is always willing to help each other.
  • The vision of our leadership.
  • Our willingness to innovate and pursue new ideas.
  • EMG takes pride in doing our best. The client really does matter to us.
  • I get excited about the vision of our team for the future. I’m sure other places I’ve worked had plans, goals, and visions for what the future looked like as a company, but it was not shared. I like that the vision is shared with all of us.

Open Positions

Our team is the cornerstone of our success. As a result, we take our talent acquisition very seriously. When you apply for any position, you’ll be asked to complete a Culture Index Survey. This survey matches your workplace strengths and behaviors to our available positions.

It’s our goal to ensure that every team member is in the right role. This helps our leaders intentionally motivate you to succeed, leverage your strengths to their maximum potential, and keep the whole organization running smoothly.


Sales Manager           (print products)



story writer



Digital Media Buyer

website designer


Social Media Manager

Account Manager (Client Service)

Story Writer

You’ll write and edit stories/articles as assigned and turn them in on or before the given deadline. You’re responsible for contacting the subject, conducting a phone or in-person interview, and writing the story for our in-house magazines. When stated, you’ll be responsible for asking for photos from the subject. After writing, you’ll edit the article to AP style and format with our in-house formatting.


Contact subjects and conduct phone or in-person interview

Proofread and copy-edit your articles

Submit articles by a given deadline

Match our company’s format with the AP style

You should write clean, concise, and well-polished stories

Log time correctly for writing projects

Follow all internal processes and workflows

Follow directions correctly on all projects, carefully proofing and reviewing your work before submitting it

Work on multiple stories at a time

Communicate with the managing editor and keep them up to date on article progress

Maintain a friendly, cordial, and courteous relationship with our subjects, your creative service team members, our sales staff, and our vendors

Seek continuous improvement as a writer and as a storyteller

You’re expected to work 40 hours a week and expected to complete 18 to 20 stories a month