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Business Development (Outside and Inside Sales) 

We are looking for people to join our sales team that have the following characteristics; outgoing, smart, socially active, high energy, active curiosity and articulate. We believe in creating a culture for you to grow in your job. We have group training sessions twice each month and 121 meetings with your team leader each week. You will work with existing clients and be responsible for developing new customers.

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Graphic Artist Position

Our graphic artist team works daily in a fast-paced environment on multiple products and ads. We are always on a deadline which makes time go by fast. You must be able to show creativity and have the ability design quickly. The following are types of products you will work on; Websites, Print Ads, Chamber Magazines, Fair Books, Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures and even lead the entire design of niche publications. You need prior experience with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. There are part and full-time opportunities available.

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Design Team Leader

Your role will be to lead our design team. Your team would initially consist of 3 graphic artists and 2 digital strategists. We have over 1,000 clients in the Tennessee Valley that depend on our design and advice. Our products include niche magazines, direct mail shoppers, website development, email marketing and social media marketing and management. You would work with our sales, graphics and digital strategist teams to help our customers create the image and message they need to compete. You would track marketing trends and products that can help our company and clients.

Your responsibilities will include training our team and presenting to prospective customers. Your presentation to clients would be 1 to 1 and in group settings. Your lead in internal training would occur a minimum of once per month. You would need to ensure our sales team has a clear understanding of our capabilities and the value of the different products. We must execute campaigns, social media management, and digital marketing at a valuable level for our clients. You would ensure we efficiently use our time in the art and digital service’s department. Our art department produces over a thousand ads each month. You would be responsible for setting and measuring KPIs for that team as well as ensuring our ad design quality is the best in the industry. You would work directly with sales team members on ideas and suggestions to make their clients’ ads more effective. Your team would be responsible for all print and digital product creation for our customers and our internal products.

You need a minimum of 5 years of marketing experience. You must have prior use of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. You need to be proficient in spreadsheets and analyzing analytics. We are seeking a detailed oriented person with leadership abilities. You need high energy, a perseverance attitude, exhibit constant integrity and have an active curiosity.

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Sales Team Leader Description

There will be multiple sales leaders on our team. Sales team leaders will have 4-8 sales representatives working on their team. Team leaders will be expected to hold each of their team members accountable to policies and processes within our company. They will develop training sessions and lead sales team meetings. Team leaders must have the ability to use different selling techniques and understand each process of the sales funnel. They will need the ability to teach these concepts to their team members. Teaching is a critical role of this position. They will use company set KPIs (key performance indicators) to convey to sales representatives how they performing within the company. Sales team leaders are responsible for the success or failure of their team members. They will play an integral part of the hiring and recruiting process of new team members. Sales team leaders will handle 10-15 weekly accounts. Team leaders role will be crucial in the development and selling of key accounts. They are responsible for receivable collections of accounts handled by their team members. Team leaders will need a thorough understanding of print ad design. They need the ability to learn new technologies, how to implement them and, in some cases, sell those services to our customers. Team leaders attitudes must always be optimistic because finding solutions to problems is critical to our entire organization’s success.

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