Why is my landing page not converting?

There are often two issues causing a landing page not to work. The first is your landing page isn’t offering enough value or the value isn’t clear to your visitors. The second would be you are targeting the wrong type of traffic through your paid ads.

Should my business start a YouTube channel?

The quick answer is yes. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and Google frequently shows YouTube videos at the top of search results. For you to be successful, you need to define what success looks like. Do you want more search traffic? More...

What is a masthead?

The masthead is the title area of a newspaper or magazine. It’s the first thing you see when you look at a publication because it is at the top. It usually includes titles, details, and contact information.

How can I boost sales this Christmas?

Let customers know your products could make a perfect Christmas gift! Use gift packages of your products to entice them to buy for other people. Make curbside pickup available so that the buying process is easier for customers.

What is a CTV and how is it different from a CTA?

If you're not confused with all the three-letter acronyms, you're in elite status. CTA stands for a call to action. It’s the quick action you want someone to take. “Click this button!” is a call to action. CTV stands for a call to value. This is when the button shows...

How do I develop a marketing plan?

Before you begin, you should answer “what is success for my business?” This should include measurable objectives and address how your products fit in the market. Then use thePDF below to align your marketing plan to your overall business strategy. Marketing Plan...


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