What is the cheapest form of advertising?

There is a difference between the best value vs the lowest price. A billboard on a road with a low traffic count would be cheap but would also have a low value. A billboard on a major road would cost more but the value would be higher because more people would see...

How can I get more word-of-mouth advertising?

The more customers you serve in a positive way will lead to more word-of-mouth advertising. This is where every business owner has to be committed when starting a new business or expanding their business to serve a wider audience. It takes time for word-of-mouth to...

How to increase time spent on a website?

Having more content will lead to visitors spending more time on your website. You should have a weekly process to add content to existing posts on your website or add completely new content. On top of encouraging visitors to spend more time on your website, regularly...

Why am I not getting sales from my Facebook ads?

There could be multiple reasons why. Do your ads have competitive offers and clear calls to action (CTAs)? If yes, who is in your audience? If that’s dialed in, examine your website. If you’re getting clicks but no sales, your landing page may need work.

How can I see who views my Facebook videos?

You can’t see the users’ names that viewed your videos. During a live video, you can see people engaging and joining. Even though Facebook doesn’t show you the users’ names, you can still target Facebook ads at people that have watched your videos.

Why should I convert my blog to an FAQ?

Your blog might very well be able to serve as a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, but you need to rename your blog to FAQ. It is one of the most visited pages of sites for serious shoppers or existing customers. Your website needs a FAQ page or section. You...

Can I use pictures from Google on my website?

Most of the pictures you see in Google search results are copyrighted. You should not download and use the pictures for your own use without permission. There are free photo services, but you don’t typically find their photos in Google Images.


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