6 Tips to Improve Email Open Rate

If you're putting the time into email marketing for your business, it's expected that you want to see positive results. You may look at your email open rate as an indicator of your marketing success. But, how reliable is your open rate? Should you be concerned about...

How to Use Retargeting Ads

It’d be great if your customers converted on their first visit to your website. Unfortunately, that’s not what happens most of the time. Someone may not be ready to make a purchase just yet, or they may be distracted before completing an intended purchase. That’s where retargeting ads come in.

How do Google Ads Work?

As you consider more ways to connect with your customers, you may be wondering how effective Google ads can be for your business (or just how they work). The Google ads platform has an impressive reach – more than 63,000 searches every second and more than 2 million...

How to Create a Social Media Strategy

Does it really make sense for your business to have a Snapchat? If you are setting up social media accounts only because you think you are supposed to, you should press pause. First, you should develop a social media strategy for your business.

As you consider social media for your business, think about why you’re doing it, who you are trying to reach, where you would be posting, what content you want to share, and when you want to share it.


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