Does your logo work?

Do you have a good business logo?

A bad logo design will hurt your business. When it doesn’t look professional, the customer may think your business is lackluster. Your logo should draw people in, stand out, and be memorable. With the right design and use, your logo can become a powerful marketing tool as a part of your brand identity.

If your logo is right next to your competitor’s, would you feel confident that a customer will pick your business over the other? Clunky design and clashing colors make customers feel uneasy about your business; they may even question your authority.

They’re looking for industry professionals and quality business. With a polished, developed, and unique logo, your business is able to connect with more customers. 

Missouri University of Science & Technology used eye-tracking research to find that website visitors spent six seconds analyzing company logos to make a first impression. These 6 seconds determined what they did next: stay on the site or leave to a competitor’s site.

That gives you six seconds to make a lasting first impression that captures your viewers. A quality logo makes your viewers want to learn more. Then, you can turn them into customers.

Logos that work are clear, scalable, and have a long shelf-life. How do you get your logo to fit in with what the customer expects, while also standing out to make an impression? You do this with a logo that works. Bad logos are dangerous for a business. 

Professional logo designers look for 6 things when designing the perfect logo:


Your logo should match your business. It needs to show that you’re relevant and a resource of value in your industry. If your logo sends a contradictory message from your business, it will clash in customers’ minds. Your logo works when it matches your company goals and resonates with your target audience.


Your brand is associated with your logo, and it can’t change with every new trend in the market. Your logo works if it can stand the test of time. Will your logo be out of date in the next two years?

It could be. You need a logo that lasts.


Some designs are just bad… and customers see it, too. Clunky design and clashing colors make customers feel uneasy about your business; they may even question your authority. When design elements balance and take control of the customers’ eye movements, your logo creates harmony. Without that, your logo will not work.


Your customer needs to understand your logo; it needs to make sense for your business. If the customer is confused or has to decipher your logo, it is not working. Make sure your logo is clear with legible text and fonts. If your customers can’t read your business name, you will be looked over and forgotten.


If it works on a business card, it needs to work on a billboard, too. It’s important for a logo to work on every medium in both print and digital. Big or small, print or digital, your logo has to work on every channel.


From print advertisements to television commercials, your logo could be on several different mediums. Your logo works if it’s flexible enough to meet whatever need your business has. Do you have an app? Do you have a favicon for your website?

Your logo must represent you in every platform in every way. A logo that works is flexible and adaptable.

Do you want a professional to take a look at your current logo? Or do you want to get a custom logo from one of our design professionals? See more here:

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