How often do I need to change my marketing plan?

The short answer is: it depends. Is your current plan working? When numbers start slipping, you may need to take a new marketing angle to highlight something new or focus on additional benefits of your products. Customers can feel fatigued and annoyed if they keep seeing the same ads over and over again. But don’t be worried—it takes upwards of 30 impressions per customer to hit that mark. In fact, people need to see your message close to 10 or 20 times before your message starts to truly resonate. We advise to stick with your branding regardless of the marketing campaign. Your marketing may get boring to you, but your customers don’t see your ads with nearly the same frequency you do. We like to say, “If you’re bored with your marketing, it’s working”. The point is: you have to stay consistent and changing marketing messages often won’t be effective.

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