May 9, 2022

One Month of Facebook Post Ideas

By: Shelby Dias

Coming up with creative and engaging Facebook content can be stressful, especially when it’s not the main part of your job description. To make things easier for you, we outlined one month of Facebook post ideas that are applicable to most industries. You can use our suggested posts as a jumping-off point for your own unique content.

Planning Your Facebook Posts

One of the keys to a healthy social media strategy is consistency. If your audience sees new and regular Facebook posts, they can see that your business is active, legitimate, and interested in them as customers. Old posts or very few posts suggest that your business isn’t active anymore or that you are not invested in your customers.

To help you stay consistent, we suggest planning and scheduling posts in advance whenever possible. Creating a Facebook content calendar makes it easier for you to batch schedule posts. Dedicate some time at the end of each month to brainstorm posts for the next month. Then, either schedule them all at once or refer back to your calendar as you schedule them each week.

Scheduling your posts ahead of time will help you stay on track with your pre-determined posting times, and it’ll help ensure you don’t miss posts when your workday gets busy.

One Month of Facebook Post Ideas

You don’t need to feel obligated to post daily on Facebook if you don’t have meaningful content. Choose the frequency and types of posts that work for your business. We’ve outlined three post ideas per week to help you get started.

Week One

Showcase a Product or Service

Social media is a great place to build relationships with your customers, and it’s one more platform where you can educate them about what you do. Choose one of your products or services and share a brief bit of information about it that may spark someone’s interest.

Choose from one of the following to write your post:

  • A story about how your product or service is used
  • A frequently asked question related to the product or service
  • A pain point or problem that it solves for your customer
  • A little known fact or a popular benefit

If you have visual assets, like product photos, you should include those with your post. You could also try filming a video of this snippet about your product/service instead of writing it all in the caption. Be sure to link to a related page on your website so your Facebook audience can learn more if they choose.

Share Content Behind the Scenes

People love social media content that makes your business more relatable. Consider what types of photos and videos you could gather to represent “behind the scenes” happenings. It might help to tap a few team members for their ideas.

You may not think many of your day-to-day operations are interesting to your audience. And you’re right, not all of them will be. But, it’s the human element of your business that you should be trying to showcase in these posts.

Consider sharing any of the following:

  • Company huddles, brainstorming sessions, team building activities, etc.
  • Employee celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • “This made our day” moments (i.e. someone brings coffee for the whole team)

Share News Relevant to Your Industry

This type of content can be great for businesses that offer professional services such as insurance agents, financial advisors, etc. If you want your customers to view you as authoritative and knowledgeable in a certain field, try sharing relevant news stories from credible sources.

This post does the most work for your business when you are able to connect the topic of the news article back to your products or services. For example, a financial advisor might share an article about how much the average American has saved for retirement and include a call to action to get in touch with him.

Week Two

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Truthfully, you should be linking to your website any time it’s relevant to your posts. If you are looking for ideas for posting on Facebook, one place you can start is your website content. What information do you have there that can be repurposed into social posts? Do you have any tools or resources on your website that benefit your clients?

Try writing a brief description and then using the call to action “learn more on our website.” You can make a post related to any of these pages you might have on your website:

  • About us
  • Product/Service pages
  • Case studies or gallery of work pages
  • Customer or patient portals
  • Get a quote, schedule an appointment, or other similar pages

Share a Case Study or Client Testimonial

When it comes to testimonials, video is often the most engaging format. If you don’t have a video, a photo of your customer paired with their quoted testimonial works well. You can also use free tools like Canva to create text-based images.

If you have case studies on your website, we recommend sharing a summary or key result in your post text before linking to the appropriate page on your website. If you are sharing testimonials related to a specific product or service, link to that.

One great source for these posts is your online reviews. It could be as simple as posting to Facebook a screenshot of a review from another platform and saying thank you.

Promote Special Offers

If you have timely promotions, always be sure to mention those on your Facebook page. This could be something like:

  • Weekly specials at a restaurant
  • Sales, coupons, or specials for a retailer
  • Seasonal products or limited windows to purchase
  • Customer referral programs

If you are actively running a special, you may want to post about it more than once. You can also pin posts to the top of your page so that people can find them more easily.

Week Three

Share Company News, Milestones, or “Throwbacks”

Your business may be celebrating an anniversary, a new location, a new product launch, or a record number of something. People want to hear your good news and achievements. Smaller news also makes good content if you don’t have any major milestones to share.

If one of your employees is leaving or being promoted, invite your audience to wish them well. When your business wins awards, share them.

If things are pretty quiet, then maybe look to the past for an engaging post idea. For older businesses especially, pulling a photo from your archives and sharing a bit of company history can make an interesting and unique post.

Celebrate a Holiday

If you choose to create posts for holidays, we encourage you to be thoughtful about what kind of posts you make. Often, a branded holiday post can get lost in the noise of a saturated newsfeed. If you share something personal, creative, or out-of-the-box, it’s more likely to engage your audience.

For example, instead of a generic graphic in a “Happy Valentine’s Day” post, a mom-and-pop shop might share a photo and the love story of the founders. For some businesses, it might not make sense for you to post about Valentine’s day at all, so remember to be selective about which holidays you want to recognize.

Share a Tutorial Video

Generally, videos engage your audience more than a simple text post. Lots of video content can also be shareable, which allows you to reach more people than just your followers. Consider if your business has any “how-to” topics that might make a good video. It could be directly related to your product or service, or an instructional video related to your industry.

If you don’t have any obvious “how-to” videos, you can use other educational video formats. Your video could be a “did you know…?” to share important product info or a “fact or fiction?” video to clear up common misconceptions.

Week Four

Repurpose Company Content

Remember to tap all possible resources for your social media posts. If you hosted a webinar, wrote a blog post, or published a white paper, all of those can be shared in some type of Facebook post. Any educational materials that you’ve created as a company can be repurposed on social media.

When you use this content for social posts, you can do more than just link to it. You want to share content in the most digestible format. This could mean breaking one webinar down into a series of clips you share. Or, perhaps you create a video illustrating your “how-to” blog post instead of summarizing the post with text.

Share User-Generated Content

Depending on your industry, user-generated content could be a treasure trove of Facebook post ideas. If your customers naturally showcase your brand or products on social media, this can save you from spending too many hours creating content alone. User-generated content looks different for every business:

  • An event venue might share photos people took or posted at the location
  • A retailer might share “in the wild” product photos submitted by customers
  • Service providers (i.e. nail salons, hairstylists, landscapers, or artists) might share client posts about their work
  • A funeral home might share obituaries written by families
  • You might share reviews or testimonials posted by a client

Promo an Event

Check your calendar and brainstorm how you might incorporate events into your Facebook post ideas. If you are hosting an event, you should definitely post the details and share reminders about it on your Facebook page. If your team will be attending an event, you could post about it to encourage your audience to attend as well.

Try posting a wrap-up or recap post with a team photo after an event.

Bonus: Create a Series

Hopefully, you can put all or most of the Facebook post ideas above to work for your business. If you are struggling to find unique post ideas every week, we highly recommend creating a series that you can fall back on for a post once or twice a month. Here are a few suggestions for series posts.

Meet the Team

Most businesses have employee photos on their website. You may even have short biographies written as well. These are great resources to pull from for an employee spotlight series. Sharing about your team allows your customers to get to know your business on a personal level and feel more connected.

If you want to level up these posts, try getting an unofficial picture (instead of the one on your website) that showcases the personality of your employee. Instead of a paragraph biography, share their answers to 3-5 fun questions. If you have the time and a willing subject, try filming a video to accompany the employee spotlight post. It could be a video of your Q&A, a fun game, or a behind-the-scenes look at their job.

Product Showcase

This type of series is easy if your business has tangible products, but professional services can also get creative about how they share their offerings. Choose a group of related products and create a series of posts to share in a certain time frame. For example:

  • A garden center might post a “houseplant of the week” video series
  • An insurance agent might create a series about the applications of an umbrella liability policy
  • A furniture store might post a spring or summer series about their patio furniture
  • A chiropractor might post a series of different at-home stretches for physically-demanding jobs

Q&A Series

Q&A Facebook content could be presented in bulk – like in a Facebook live video. Or, it could be presented in a series of posts. Pull together some of your most frequently asked questions and answer them in individual posts.

We recommend collecting questions related to one product or service. For example, a plastic surgeon might answer liposuction FAQs during the month of May and breast augmentation FAQs during the month of June.

A great way to make this Facebook content more engaging is to film a brief explanation video as your answer. Someone on your team might have a great on-camera personality you can use to help. Simply ask the question and have them answer it as if they were answering a customer.

Summary Tips

While planning your Facebook posting schedule, remember that peak days often include Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. There’s not a universal best time to post because your audience may engage at different times. Using tools like Facebook Insights on your business page can help you uncover patterns in your target audience and create content that resonates with them.

If you’re looking for more tips to leverage your Facebook page to meet your marketing goals, our team can help. Chat with us about how Facebook ads can drive brand awareness for your business. 

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