How can I track my print ads to get “analytics?”

There are two things you can do to objectively track your print ads. The first is to use coupons that have to be redeemed, and the second is to make sure your print ad contains a unique price for that ad/publication. Keep in mind that you can’t track any ad if you...

What exactly does an ad agency do?

Ad agencies offer a wide array of services. Some agencies focus on niche areas of marketing and others are full-service agencies. Agency work can include strategy development, design of assets, buying media, and reporting.

How can I write better copy?

Becoming better at copywriting is no different than improving your other skill sets. The more you do it the better you’ll get. We often refer to Scott Adams blog post The Day You Became a Better Writer. In short, be clear in your writing, cut unnecessary words, and...

Are print ads still effective?

Yes. You should make sure your print ads have good offers and clear calls to action in them. You can ask the publisher to provide you with a readership study of their publication. This will help you understand who your ad will reach.

What is inbound marketing?

It is producing content on your website that will rank your website high in search engines. This lets people organically find your business without you having to constantly scout for more customers. To rank high on Google, your content needs to be authentic and...


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